TanOrganic Self-Tanning Mousse with Glove

TanOrganic Self Tanning Mousse (with Glove)

TanOrganic have waited so long to release a SelfTan Mousse. Creating such a masterpiece of pure organic hydration is no easy feat and took years to get right. Finally, the most luxurious moisturizing Self Tan Mousse in the world is here and we are so excited.

A bad selftan mousse application is the equivalent of an obvious toupee: everyone knows it’s fake, whispers and serious judgment is made about the wearer’s taste and maybe even their character. Harsh? Perhaps, but if you’ve made a snide remark about that orange glow or been on a blind date with a man wearing a rug on his head, you know what we’re talking about.

The very nature of mousses allows easy quick application but the trade-off is dry flaky “dandruff skin” and patchiness we all dread. They contain lots of alcohol to make the dry in quickly and that awful SLS which is what is used to create the foam. These harsh skin drying ingredients are dirty words in our TanOrganic laboratory!!!

TanOrganic Self Tan Mousse is the FIRST AND ONLY Ecocertified organic self-tan mousse on the planet, so for those of you waiting no need to book a seat on Richard Branson’s Galactic to continue your search, it’s here!!!! This amazing product is bursting with hydration and contains 80% organic Aloe Vera juice. This magical product has no synthetic ingredients, colors, dyes, drying agents or nasties in it but is packed with hyaluronic acid, moisturizing ingredients and natural food colouring that hydrate not dry out the skin like all the others.

Think of a diet of no alcohol and liters of hydration and oils for your skin rather than lots of alcohol and a little shot glass of water for your skin and think what your skin would feel like. Need we say anymore? This product delivers a beautiful golden goddess bronze.

Don’t take our word for it try it for yourself!


Innovatively formulated with wholly natural and organic ingredients, this product is like no other on the market. This cosmetic creation allows for deeper colour while also nourishing and moisturising the skin – leaving the dry & patchy skin days behind you.

This lightweight & ultra-moisturising mousse is simple to apply & glides over the skin like silk. Unlike other products on the market it contains no fake tan smell, no parabens, toxins, alcohol or drying agents. The formula consists of natural ingredients with a food colouring acting as the colour guide. A fake tan mousse packed with natural goodness is here.


  • Hydrates the skin without the usual drying dandruff skin effects of self-tan mousses.
  • Lasts and moisturises for up to 10 days.
  • Made from all natural ingredients: TanOrganic’ Self Tan Mousse is a WORLDS FIRST and the only certified Organic Self Tan Mousse and made wholly from Natural and Organic.
  • No FAKE TAN SMELL: unlike most self-Tan Mousses TanOrganic’ self-tan Mousse is made without synthetic ingredients thus neutralising odour and delivering no nasty fake tan smell.
  • Super simple application for those who like a deeper application colour. For a darker shade, it’s as easy as adding another light layer. Quick drying leaving skin velvety smooth WITHOUT the dry skin downside of self-tan mousses.


  • For best results, always use Tanerase the ultimate self tan exfoliation tool.
  • For the hands, elbows knees and feet always buffer those areas with TanOrganic Multi Use Dry Oil which will dilute the application in those areas avoiding that over tanned “I’m wearing fake tan look”
  • Application couldn’t be easier; Squirt 2-3 pumps of mousse onto the TanOrganic Luxury self-tan application glove and apply in circular movements until it is blended well and cover all areas. 2-3 pumps of mousse are all that is needed approximately for each section or limb of the body.
  • It will take about 8 hours to develop into a beautiful bronze colour with the added bonus of silky soft skin. For a deeper shade just add another layer without the fear of drying out your skin.

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