Our Values

To preserve the integrity of our product, by using natural and inert packaging as well as natural ingredients.

To create a product that is ethically made and free from exploitation of workers and animal testing.

To promote the use of natural self tan as a viable alternative to sunbeds and sunbathing, which exposes your skin to UVA and UVB rays that damage your skin cells and can lead to skin cancer.

We DON’T use plastics: Over 90% of skincare products use plastic packaging. Plastic packaging can and will cause a chemical reaction. It is well researched that chemicals ‘leach-out’ through plastic and mix with products. Many manufacturers again rely on synthetic ingredients to ‘protect’ the product. Glass is inert and known to be the most protective container for naturally active ingredients. The dark colouring of the glass protects the ingredients from harmful UV light.

Giving: At TanOrganic we believe in giving back to the community and the planet by supporting causes that align with what we strive for; healthy people and a healthy planet. In South Africa we have decided to support The Earth Organisation. This organisation aims to prevent further destruction to the planet through awareness campaigns and also has specific targeted programs for urgent problems such as Rhino poaching and rescuing neglected animals from war torn countries. It was started by Internationally recognised author Anthony Lawrence who is famous for the book The Elephant Whisperer. You can support them when you buy TanOrganic by choosing the option to add R25 to your purchase on our online store.

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