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“I don’t want my products to be mainstream or just like all the others. Tanorganic is a niche and unique brand because I care about the ingredients I choose and the quality of what I put on my skin. For this reason TanOrganic, I believe will be as a world-beater and a Global Success Brand.”


TanOrganic Creator Noelle O’Connor.

Our skin is the largest organ of the body with 64% of what we put on it being absorbed into our bloodstream*. If we care about what we eat, we really should care about what we apply onto our skin. The average woman directly applies more than 200 synthetic ingredients to her skin via personal care products each day with the skin soaking around 2kg of synthetic ingredients a year. Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned about the combined and cumulative effect of these synthetic ingredients and more and more are making a lifestyle choice to choose organic and natural products.

Consumers are turning to natural organic products as they become more aware of the possible dangers of synthetic ingredients in cosmetics.

TanOrganic is unlike most other self tans as it is 100% natural. It is based with Aloe Vera, a natural ingredient know for its natural moistuirising attributes which has been used since the beginning of the first century AD. It also contains no harmful parabens, preservatives or drying agents which dry the skin leading to a flaky tan. TanOrganic is also the Worlds first Eco Certified Tanning Brand, this means that it has gone through the incredibly stringent accreditation process. The terms natural, organic, eco and green are bandied about in today’s marketplace but these words can legally be used to describe products with as little as .001% genuinely natural ingredients.

TanOrganic is the brainchild of Noelle O’Connor, a passionate ITEC qualified beauty therapist/Lecturer and postgraduate of many holistic treatments. Noelle has also undertaken studies in the Boston MIT Entrepreneurial Masters Program and has over 2 decades of experience in the spa and salon industry. She began her career in a single cubicle beauty room behind a local hair salon and built it to Ireland’s First Beauty Chain, Ealu Spa Therapy while setting up a distribution company Skin Logic supplying the leading beauty products in Ireland and the UK.

Noelle decided to finally develop her own line of products, due to the lack of 100% natural ingredient conscious sunless tan products on the market. Noelle wanted products that would firstly preserve her skin, while hydrating at the same time. Frustrated by expensive, skin drying, chemical loaded, un-natural tans on the market, she decided to do some research of her own. The more she researched the more she wanted to create a tan that was organic, natural and that worked by moisturising the skin rather than drying it up like most of the that were tans available. TanOrganic was born and the company grew rapidly, with ever increasing sales to salons (who are after all the experts in skincare), and fantastic reviews from the media.

Knowing she had a great product Noelle decided pitch the product on Dragons Den to hopefully secure not only an investment, but also the experience and contacts of a Dragon so she could make a product for the retail market. The Dragons were very interested in Noelle’s product and in the end Dragon Gavin Duffy took 45% of the company for a €50,000 investment. TanOrganic is the most successful Dragons Den company so far, notching up €1 Million in sales in the first 3 months of trading and growing from strength to strength ever since. It is now available both nationally and internationally and has a huge base of loyal customers who absolutely love the product. The line has since expanded with the introduction of OilArganic, and Argan based oil which moisturises the skin and facilitates a perfect fade to compliment the core product, TanOrganic. Recently, Noelle launched the unique Tanning Oil, which like the other line up products is completely natural but is applied like any body oil, without the use of a mitt. The line up is completed with the TanErase exfoliating Mitt and Luxurious Tanning Glove complete with thumb, demonstrating once again Noelle’s innovative thinking.

Being the perfectionist she is, Noelle is determined to bring only 100% natural products to market. Her aim is to keep the entire product sentimentally friendly as well as natural and organic.

* Study conducted by the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health

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